How Our Team is Handling COVID-19

Please bear with us during these unprecedented times.

Dental offices are particularly high-risk facilities due to the aerosols created throughout the day. We have taken very careful precautions and purchased all new technology and equipment to make sure everyone coming into our office is kept as safe as possible.

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Before Your Scheduled Visit

  • The day before your scheduled appointment, we send our patients a wellness screening form to make sure we can honor the appointment.
  • After each patient is checked in and checked out, all counters, doorknobs, and any materials used at the front area are wiped down.
  • We are using lysol multiple times throughout the day, as well as cavicide wipes and clorox wipes to clean all surfaces.
  • Upon the beginning of their shift, every staff member has their temperature taken and goes through a wellness screening.
  • All staff are required to wear masks all day.
  • The doctors, hygienists, and dental assistants wear KN95 masks with surgical masks over top of them, goggles, face shields, surgical gowns and caps, and gloves whenever treating patients.

Designated Sterilization Areas

  • All tools and instruments are sterilized between uses.
  • Those tools are used in our bio-sonic machine, then the autoclave (per our usual protocol.)
  • We have newly purchased extraoral suctions and HEPA air purifiers to remove aerosols and bacteria from the air.
Dentist 20874
Dentist 20874

During Your Appointment

  • We are only accepting one patient in the office at a time.
  • We require all patients to wait in their car until we text or call them to let them know their room is ready. When the patient enters, they are immediately escorted to their room.
  • All patients are asked to sanitize their hands immediately when they enter the office and when they are checking out.
  • When the patient comes to the door, one of our staff members will meet them outside the door to take their temperature and go through the screening questions again to ensure that no symptoms are displayed.
  • We ask for all new patients to complete their patient forms from our website prior to their appointment, as well as we email the patient these forms once the appointment is scheduled.
  • All patients are asked to rinse with an antibacterial rinse prior to starting a dental procedure.
  • We disinfect each room before and after each patient.
  • All tools and instruments are sanitized, disinfected, and unopened (if applicable) between each use.

We understand our patients concerns during these uncertain times.

That is why we are providing complete transparency about our processes and procedures for maintaining cleanliness standards in our office. For any further questions about how our team is handling COVID-19, please contact our office today.

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